Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Toilet Paper Flower - Continued

Not an April Fools Day joke, but still a joke.... a little while ago, we had fun at home reminding each other not to ruin the toilet paper flower my house cleaner made.

I got fooled a few days early. My town, Natick Massachusetts, is in the middle of a controversy about changing our school sports team name from the Natick Redmen to something else. I read the newspaper article School nickname will be changing and even though it seemed over the top when I read "In Natick, other finalists for the school nickname included the Rainbows, the Ipods, the Panthers, the Hamburgers and the Simpsons.", but I still got sucked in.

Have a fun April Fools Day, and don't forget to listen to All Things Considered on National Public Radio (NPR) this evening, for their wonderful April Fools Day segment. They usually run it at near the end of the show, and if you're not paying full attention, you might think you're listening to a real news story. Here's my favorite, from 2005: April Fool's: New England Suffers Maple Woes.

Enjoy your day!