Tuesday, February 12, 2008

All My Children

I have been "watching" All My Children (AMC) since 1972, when I was in high school. When I was in art school in the mid/late 1970's, I always rushed home at lunch time to watch Love of Life and AMC with friends.

Love of Life is long gone, but AMC lives on. For the past 10+ years, "watching" AMC has usually meant having the TV on and listening to it as I work, because I haven't found the script that interesting in recent years. My favorite characters over the years include Tad, Lily, Reggie, Jesse and Angie, and a few others.

Jesse supposedly died in 1988, and Angie left the show in 1990. Only on a soap opera can a character die but not die. Jesse and Angie are back after 18 years, and I'm not sure if I'll only be able to only listen will I work.