Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Paints, Fabric and Other

I'm running out of my (15 year old?) collection of Deka Permanent Fabric Paints, because they are not available in the US anymore. The day I was in Boston and saw the inspirational construction project, I visited a really good art supply store. I treated myself to some new paints, fabric and other.

It's not often I find fabric paints I don't know about, so when I saw Versatex Screen Printing Inks for Fabric and Paper, I decided to buy a few bottles. Since they're really for screen printing, they're quite thick. I know they'll work well for stamping, but I don't know about how they'll work when painting on fabric.

I have also been hearing nice things about Golden Fluid Acrylics, so I splurged on many 1 oz bottles. A friend of mine let me try a little of hers a few months ago, and I liked how it worked on fabric. I'm really interested in how they react on fabric, on both the front and back sides of the painted fabric. I'll paint up some samples as soon as I can, and post them.