Saturday, September 22, 2007

Art with Fiber - on exhibit at the Forest Hills Cemetery

Today I went on a walk with my husband and mother-in-law around the Forest Hills Cemetery in Boston, Massachusetts. Each summer, they have a "Contemporary Sculpture Path", complete with maps to show the way to each sculpture. It was a really nice, reflective way to spend Yom Kipper. I was glad to do it again, after remembering we did this on Yom Kipper about 5 years back with my son and some friends.

There were two artists, with three fiber related works......

One of my favorite Boston area sculptors is Leslie Wilcox. She has two pieces in the cemetery. One is "Nightshirts" (2002). It's made of painted stainless steel screen. She makes working with screen seem easy, but we all know it's really hard. Her second piece is "Wraith Wrap" (2004).

The third fiber related piece, "Spirit Vessels" (1998) by Susan Ferrari-Rowley, from Churchville, NY. It's made of welded stainless steel framework with poly-fiber aircraft coatings, and is quite stunning. When I first saw it, I thought that it was amazing that she made the seams look like it fabric, but then I realized it was fabric. When I read calls for submissions for outdoor sculpture, I always think using fiber would be impossible, but now I see that there are ways to do it so that it can withstand mother nature for many years.