Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Uncommon Quilter

As summer is winding down, flowers are drying up or dying. This is a picture of dried Allium flowers in my front yard. In my upcoming book, The Uncommon Quilter, there is a quilt that was inspired by dried Allium's on page 95 of the Surface Design chapter. I never would have noticed the beauty of a dried Allium flower if my father-in-law hadn't picked some and put them in a vase many summers ago. When I saw them while visiting, I noticed how unusual they are when dried.

This quilt didn't make it in the book, but here is a quilt about the flower after it just opened. I made this quilt a few weeks before the one above.

Both of these quilts are 6" tall and 4" wide, and were created in 2001.