Thursday, August 2, 2007

My book - "The Uncommon Quilter"

I've had a black and white, low-resolution proof copy of my book for a number of months. Since I've never written a book before, I didn't expect to have a real copy of my book in my hands until a week or so before my October 9th publication date. This afternoon, a FedEx truck dropped off a package from Random House. I got a heads up about this from my agent who got her package yesterday. When I heard the truck pull up in front of my house, I ran outside and stood patiently by the truck so the driver could hand me my package without having to get out of the truck. The truck was idling very loudly so he didn't hear me running out the door., and I think I he was surprised when he walked to the front of the truck. He handed me the package, I thanked him many times, and I RAN inside to open it.

To hold my book in my hands is VERY exciting! The color is incredible! The detail is so good that I can see the stitching detail on each quilt. I finally know what the outside back cover (above) looks like, and I'm quite happy. The cover is paperback, a nice thick cover stock. The front and back cover pages are folded in 4" to make it stronger and allow some inside cover text, and the inside pages are printed on a nice quality paper.

Many thanks to Potter Craft (Random House), and my agent! I am REALLY really happy. Visit the The Uncommon Quilter website for more information.