Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Work - Drop Cloth piece finished

This is "Orange Construction Fence Series #52", and it is 27.5" wide x 53" high. I totally struggled over this piece! I thought that if I took a drop cloth I "created" as a result of creating other work, and used it as the basis of a new piece, that my creativity would flow out of me easily. Well, not so. It was very difficult. One friend likened it to my using a piece of printed fabric that isn't like what I usually use, and trying to make it work. One day two weeks ago, I had painted the outer edges of the stitched fabric, thinking I was making an improvement, and I totally messed it up. The next day, I ended up cutting parts of it off, so it went from 37" wide to 30" wide and then down to 27". One thing you can do with fabric is cut it off, vs a stretched canvas has to stay as is.