Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lots and Lots of Holes

On Tuesday I cut holes out of a 4' x 16' piece of monoprinted fabric. It had a 53 x 11 grid, which means I cut 583 holes out of the fabric, leaving me with the end result of a very lace-like piece of fabric, after bribing myself to keep going for the six hours it took to accomplish the task.

The fabric is for Fence/Curtain 2.0, the temporary outdoor art installation I'm making for the Boston Center for the Arts. I have to cut holes out of 2 more pieces of similarly printed fabric, and one 8' piece. That means I'll have 1749 holes, plus the holes from two other pieces of fabric which I've already cut 110 holes from each. When I'm finished I'll have 1969 holes to use in a new, yet to be determined, project.

And there's also one 4' x 16' piece of fabric that has holes that are about half the size of the holes in the other pieces of fabric, which I'm going to start cutting today. I'm guessing that piece probably has double the holes of the fabric with the large holes, which would mean there might be over 1000 holes to cut out. I hope it doesn't take double the time to cut.

All of the holes have to be cut from all of the fabric before bedtime on Sunday July 8th, because weather permiting, I'll be installing the piece starting on Monday July 9th.

Thank goodness for interesting programming on WBUR, my local NPR station! That really keeps me going. I get to listen to interesting radio, while I'm doing a boring repetitive task.

Please save the date of Friday July 13th at 6pm, and join me in introducing you to this new installation at the Opening at the Boston Center for the Arts. The installation will be on exhibit from July 13 - October 31, 2012.